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AMPs are done


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I've mentioned in other posts that searching out hookers actually improved my relationship with my wife. Due to past problems and the menopause beast, sex is not going to happen again. The hobby took the edge off of that situation.
I need BBBCIP regularly. I'd be in trouble if I saw pros only.


I got lipstick stamps on my passport...
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What percentage of the guys here rely on pros vs. having a girlfriend or wife for sex? I'd be climing up a wall right now if I lost my only source of pussy.
I exclusively rely on pros/GFs. Wife is menopausal. The tension is mounting. But the anticipation keeps me hopeful. They are just as isolated so, once the floodgates are opened, "gonna be a good, good night!"


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I stand corrected. Most men I've talked to tell me that by mid 70s the sexual ability and or desire is pretty much nonexistent. Glad to hear that's not always the case.
My fantasy for this time of my life was to be nodding off on a river bank with a fishing rod in my hand. My reality is that too much time with a rod in my hand led me to the hobby. I probably should not have started taking care of myself as well as I did.


Wine is fine, but whiskey is quicker...
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What percentage of the guys here rely on pros vs. having a girlfriend or wife for sex? I'd be climing up a wall right now if I lost my only source of pussy.
Pros only for me.
I made an "arrangement" with my regular a few months ago (before the virus -- complete coincidence), so for now, I'm good.


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I hope it doesn't go 3 months. I'll be back to drinking myself to sleep before then.
I do wish too.. however we havent even yet reached the peak yet.. numbers keep climbing. I can see everything becoming tighter and tighter.. Spas would probably be the last on the Govt's list to open!


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Comment #77. I recommend not. If the spa owners want their businesses open, they can petition to their governors. I would guess if they receive exemption to open their businesses would be under a million hawkeyes around their businesses. As voodoo66 said, there is self service. Or find caucasian independent lady at her residence. I know two about 25 miles from where I live. One lady massage okay and the other lady massage excellent.


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I believe they will reopen but not for 12-18 months. The virus has to infect a minimum of 50-60% of the population to develop herd immunity, absent a vaccine. It will take 18 months for a vaccine IF one that works can be manufactured. So that means 200 million Americans have to be infected before the health officials will call it under control. And even at that point it’s still contagious. All bets are off if it mutates.

Unfortunately, I believe most spas will not reopen where they are now, since they are with a few exceptions, leased storefronts. The owners of the spas I know are freaking out because they have signed commercial leases with personal guarantees and don’t know how they will pay next month’s rent, let alone 12-18 months of it. They will default and be evicted. They also won’t get a bailout.

But there will be incredible pent up consumer demand after a year or so and spas should start to pop up all over again.

One thing that may happen in the interim is some girls will arrange with good customers to meet privately. Don’t worry, they have your number if you’ve ever called to make an appointment. Seeking Arrangements also will likely be flooded with new options.

Just my opinion. Hope I’m way off base. But the math says 18 months, not 2 weeks.

Good luck to all, my friends.
I’ve signed commercial leases in the same price range. I never saw personal guarantees. Generally the corporation signs the lease with a security payment. I can imagine the corps are shells with few assets since it’s a cash business. Their investment is the leasehold improvements such as shower rooms and partitions. If the pause lasts too long either the landlord will forgive a % or the owner will bolt. When things loosen up the landlords aren’t going to be too fussy