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Review: Tina-Dadada best one yet!!!


☠️ Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia ☠️
Messages: 1,145
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Title: Review: Tina-Dadada best one yet!!!
Date: Nov 28, 2018
Phone: 856-956-3588
City: Sewell
State: NJ
Address: 465 Woodbury Glassboro Rd, Sewell, NJ. 08080
Activities: Nuru, bbbj, BBFS (optional), Rim, daty, CIM
Age Estimate: 53
Nationality: Vietnamese
Physical Description: Slim, perky boobs
Summary: Wow! What an experience! Nothing like whay I’m used to living in Center City Philly and for the price of admission this was well worth crossing the bridge! Extremely accommodating and they accept VISA!! More deets below

Recommendation: Yes


☠️ Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia ☠️
Messages: 1,145
Reviews: 29
The acronyms in the public activities section are always concerning to me. They defintely don't help in keeping these places safe and open.
This place has actually been raided before on numerous occasions actually .. they are down for a few days and usually just end up opening back up.. I don’t think our acronyms are helping or hurting places like these..


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Well I don't know that "kissing me like wev'e been married for 35 years" is the most apt comparison for your hedonistic romp. Being 25, I would surmise that you havent been in that state for 35 months, let alone years.

BTW, I've read in several reviews that her actual age is 66. Dont know if it's true, just what I heard.


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I was teasing her about not being that much older than me after we just got done, and I told her how much I love older women. I told her no way she could be that much older. She was like what do I get of I prove it? I said I'll give her an extra tip on top of that extra I gave her.
She came back. Very carefully with 3 fingers hid the name and address and just told me to look at the dob. I had to give her more tips.


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Need more detail....
I am assuming the Need more detail is a joke, right? That is the most detail I have ever seen. Hell, I think it took me longer to read the details that it took him to get off. Every review I have seen so far on DaDaDa is amazing. I gotta set aside a couple of hundred bucks and make the hour trip out there.. Her being 53 still makes her younger than me so what the hell. :)


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If the OP used credit card for hf and cash for tip, that is fine. But, if the OP used his credit card for the entire amount, then they will have explaining on their tables.