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Review: Sophia's place


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Title: Review: Sophia's place
Date: Nov 11, 2021
Phone: Na
City: Philadelphia
State: Pa
Location: Castor Ave
Age Estimate: 65+
Nationality: Chinese
Physical Description: Gilf shape

Recommendation: Yes
Guys, we have to start thinking more with the big head instead of the little one. The service Njjim3 received was rushed. You paid for 60 minutes and if she was that disinterested and was yawning, I would have called it and left. All I see are guys paying higher prices for crappy service. There are a lot of good places out there and providers that do give excellent service. They deserve the higher tips. I agree with Wayne1250, quit going to these low end places. Getting crappy service once is shame on them, getting it more than once is shame on you. Just my two cents.

East Lake II

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Like OP said, could have been the time of day. More and more, I’ve found the time of day to have more to do not only with the level of service, time allotted but also expected or asked for tip. For instance, I was at a spa the other day. A first time visit, it was mid morning and I was the only customer there. She wanted tip up front, understandable since it was my first visit, I said no and told her I what I would give. She said, everyone else pays more. Told her that’s all she’s getting from me. She engaged and after about 15 minutes of foreplay, she got up to retrieve an item. It was going very well, so I got up and put the tip on the counter. At the end of a very enjoyable session, she said, “you come at this time, I give you for $X. I doubt anyone is paying her anymore than I am, but all of them are asking for more. And, trying to convince us that everyone is paying more.