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  • Hi wayne

    I know you’re pretty famous and knows stuffs. I am regular customer of classy philly. They know me and everything and i want to try EPM and i called them and i gave classy philly number to verify me and they did it successfully. Idk for some reason i feel like they don’t like each other whenever i call for an appointment they always says they’re busy so not today. Can you give some suggestions?
    Hi Wayne

    Happy to find you here, we connected on another forum and you recommended me to your friend Bella from Philly.
    Happy holidays
    Good morning Wayne. I am a korean American and was wondering if it would be weird if a fellow korean goes to a korean joint haha. Also, I was wondering in order to get a date with a all member, did you call them or fill out your info on their main site [name, date, model].
    Thanks wayne!
    I assume you mean EPM.

    This won't be much help. I am a personal friend of the owner, from a ptevious spa. I did not have to get verified in the begining and I have been a member since it first started operation in early 2016.

    Yes fill out all the info, you could call to see what else uou need to do.
    Good morning Wayne. Just checking to see if it's best to review like SH. I have 2 reviews but they seem to be "pending". Not to explicit but enough to satisfy the masses?
    may want to try BIO in trappe has changed its name a few times one of the names was VIP don't recall the other one
    Sena & OS therapy were 2 of the best massage parlors in the western suburbs of phillyu. Were they shut down by the police or for updating?
    Can someone recommend similar parlors nearby with similar talented staff?
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