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Review: Da Da Da - Pink


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Title: Review: Da Da Da - Pink
Date: Sep 19, 2018
Phone: JFGI
City: Sewell
State: NJ
Address: JFGI
Activities: Various - see private details
Age Estimate: 62
Nationality: Korean
Physical Description: Older Spinner - 5'1" 105lbs.
Summary: Another decent visit to this fabulous spa on the outskirts of Philly.

Recommendation: Yes


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I just don't understand why many of the reviews are 40 and 50 year Olds. I mean if that's your flavor cool... Just wanted to make sure.

And yea, after 30, you start to forget your age. I know I do.


AKA jacklondongreat
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Many if not most of the attendants (at least in the CNJ and SNY) are in their 40’s and later. However, whatever Asian elixir they’re drinking, they typically look 10 years younger. I understand that the truly young ones work higher end place sin NYC and elsewhere until they “age out”.


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Yes, that is the estimated age of the attendant. And yes, she does look like she's around 45-50 so I was just tacking on 10 or so years.

Recently, I have been into seeing providers who are much older than me - I've been getting burnt out on all the hot 20-something ones. Yes, that is quite the first world problem LOL. I have discovered that the older ones tend to provide better quality of service for a cheaper price. At least at D3 anyways.

Granted, I'm sure that when I am in my sixties I will be only into seeing the younger providers...


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DDD ladies are on the high end of the age scale, but they perform at the high end of the service scale to. Age is just a number, lol. Fiirst lesson I learned in this game.


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I saw Pink a month or so ago..if I was questioned on her age I would have replied 35.... and with the "10 year" addon would have made it 45... she was very good though... it was my first trip there and I was just sort of shocked as it went on they never asked for any money at all..until it was over... which in 5 years is a first for me... it actually made me hesitant because I was thinking how much is this going to cost as it went on....sort of weird... but turned out great! I saw "Ling-Ling after that..a few weeks ago..another nice one.... I liked her personality and she aimed to please also..I like this place....I did meet Sue at the end.... and she gave me that ticket thing and updated it so that was cool...