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Review: AZN - Kate


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Maybe Kate has not been doing this work for very long. She sounds like she would be happier working at a R&T shop but there are not many Thai places if any. Her cheerful personality could then last through the entire session. This work requires a certain kind of attitude. I have met a few like her before that I felt were in the wrong business too.

Kate sounds like a girl that you would really like to meet in real life.


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Title: Review: AZN - Kate
Date: Mar 30, 2022
Phone: (215) 410-5670
City: Philadelphia
State: PA
Location: Wood St
Age Estimate: Early 30s
Nationality: Thai
Physical Description: Fit, compact, A's, well proportioned,

Recommendation: No
I had an identical experience and I felt like crap when it was over. I felt very much like the lecherous old man I aspire to be after my session with her last week LOL. When the quality when in, she went limp like a wet blanket, and I was like "are we doing this?" We tried a few other "activities" but it was just abysmal and depressing and sad. When it was over, I literally got out of there as fast feet would carry me - never had that happened before. I went back to see my main squeeze a few days later (Pinky) and she's says "So, you saw Kate?" I said sheepishly, "I don't know what you mean" "I thought it was a secret" and that she wasn't there and I was desperate. Anyway, I told her I didn't bond with Kate as I had with her, and that I would never cheat on her again LOL

Maybe it's time for me to retire from this game because I'm getting too attached to my favorites?