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I saw FBI and some guy with camera go in beyond spa today .... anybody know what happened


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Bottom line guys, any store can be shutdown for the following reasons:
Health and Safety, Licensing and Permit violations, Tax Evasion, Criminal activity like drugs and gambling, Zoning and Land use violations and finally Public Nuisance complaints.
The last one is the primary reason these places are investigated. With that said, it's why mongers aren't targets, nor should anyone worry. If it ever does happens (which is very infrequent and predictable), shut your mouth, you're there for your back issues. LE wouldn't want to have mongers inside when they do their "investigation", hence most of the times they do this when traffic is low around the location. Stay safe and enjoy your back rub.


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they can probably shut down most places easily. They just need to watch what doesn't happen in the hour after a places closes down for the night and the lights go off, or watch the place first thing in the morning an hour before they open. How did those lights go on if nobody goes in.....
I remember scoping out a spa one morning - I drove around to the back lot and there were two girls wearing baggy sweats and t-shirts, brushing their teeth just outside of the spa door. Good morning!


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why do you dudes go off track with hypotheticals so much ? The FBI and other agencies raided this place, it's gone. end of story . It's not coming back, at least in this location.
When FBI involved, I don't think they can open again. Before all, the landlord already must have torn all the papers and gotten a warning from the town.