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I saw FBI and some guy with camera go in beyond spa today .... anybody know what happened


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Lol james has done no reviews
He posts a wild card story of fbi
LE knows all to well ..donn need an fbi lens to fix the issue ..but
In this breaking economy they donn go after all this as people at all levels are just trying to live


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North Brunswick isn't a Spa friendly 'Burb guys, 7 currently in business not including Beyond and 6 "Closed" on Rmaps. Don't know if it was "Karens" or the neighboring Businesses but it's a damn shame. Beyond seemed to have a lot of potential. Let's hope this doesn't spread to adjacent neighborhoods. After all election season is fast approaching. o_O


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Considering all the recently joined 2023 accounts that talk about private details in the reviews openly in their replies. Yeah that lack of discretion doesnt come easy to them.
I don't understand why "private detail" exists on the website. Maybe some rating system can be used?
Your can't tell how truthful those "penthouse fiction" are.


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When a spa gets closed I don’t think it’s complaints or some moral issue, I assume it is civil asset forfeiture and the gov stealing money from people that worked hard to earn it


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But this site or what was written did not lead to its demise. It was just volume and location.
Correct, it was volume for sure. But what led to the sudden increase in volume? This place used to be a sleepy little backwater that pretty much only locals knew about. Then new ownership came in and arranged for some over-the-top reviews and suddenly the place is super busy, with some guys driving over an hour to get there. But I understand that's one of the business models -- bring in as much traffic as quickly as you can and when its ended by whomever, move on to the next location (stopping at the bank first).

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