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Review: Savory @ Nancy Spa - Salacia like Energy but with Sexy, Sensual, Latina Touch


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Title: Review: Savory @ Nancy Spa - Salacia like Energy but with Sexy, Sensual, Latina Touch
Date: Apr 11, 2024
Phone: 516 323-2388
City: Bayside
State: NY
Location: Bell Blvd near Northern Blvd
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $300 GFE
Nationality: Latina
Age Estimate: 23
Physical Description: Energizer Bunny, pretty face, big, dark eyes, long black hair, 5'2" youthful looking, B Cup, smooth as silk skin, slightly fat, all natural Colombian butt, pretty kitty. shaved

Recommendation: Yes
Do you know where she was prior ?


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I just had a great session, but a little firecracker like. I arrived early and Minnie woke her up for me. I didn't light her fire like you guys did. Lol, but she lit me up. Yes, she was there this morning.


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Savory is back at Nancy's after a week's vacation. I saw her yesterday, All I can say is the girl is a bubbly, bundle of energy and fun with a level of experience and voyeurism that belies being 23. Not sure what happened to the one monger who had a bad experience but all I can say is she is freshly rested after a week off and is worth checking out, especially if you haven't seen her. And, if you have seen her, she always keeps it fresh with new acrobatic moves, so you won't get bored.