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Review: Oasis spa


Go fuck yourself
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Dude how many fake fuckin reviews are you gonna put up here? Moto toto soto? There are guys in here interested in this place. We let you slide with the sexy Jill at the cave Blackwood oriental bs. WTF does this do good for anyone? You want review credits that bad just put up a mekar review Kiki linda offered a fourhand by fat Kathy Yada Yada yada


Registered Member
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Been here three times so far and I've never had any up-selling to 4 hand. Everything has been pretty much by the book each time.
To be fair to OP, last time I was here (about 2 months ago), the woman who greeted me at the door (possible mms?) came in toward the end of the session and started rubbing my legs along with my provider. She asked how much I wanted to to tip, and when I told her, she pointed to just the provider and walked out. Not enough I guess. So not a direct upsell, but that does seem like what she was getting at.


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Messages: 28
I lived right across the street from there until August. I was one if their first customers. They were always very kind and attentive towards me.
Has anyone else that has gone there received their "card" where after 10 sessions you get 1 free?
I'm at 6 right now but can't afford go back because i just had to go and end up having stage 4 lung cancer.