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Review: Molly @ EPM


Monday Morning Whoreterback
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Title: Review: Molly @ EPM
Date: Mar 24, 2024
City: Phila
State: PA
Location: center city
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 340
Nationality: Korean
Age Estimate: 40
Physical Description: pics may be her but outdated/PS, now a 5/10 - Cs with eraser nips, some extra weight around the middle

Recommendation: No


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Thanks for the TOFTT! Sounds like she should have been at the old price point (20 less). My last few times also ended in 40. Wonder if this is now the new floor of EPM cost?


We are all cut from the same block of stinky doufu
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Didn't take long after LKP closed up shop, at least they aren't as "greedy" as CP. And people wonder why business is slow. Still, they at least maintain a roster of 3-4 models, even if there's maybe 1 or 2 at most in the batch that draw interest.

K-girls have been branching out to places like Salt Lake City, Nashville and even Louisville of all places now. But they're trying to charge a premium for setting up shop in Bumblefuck and also throwing prices out of whack. Some mongers recognize quality and will pay for it, but agencies can't have their cake and eat it too when trotting out "nugu" types. If the so-called K-girl model has been compared to the efficient fast food industry, just look at what's happening to places like NYCVIPSpot, McDonald's and Wendy's right now, they are pricing themselves out of their target market.


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Thanks for the honest review. Always respect a straight up honest review not worried about LF being mad at you. Because those pics of her are enticing indeed.