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Review: Marine Park


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Due to limited options decided to check this provider out. Made appt by text showed up and met my older Caucasian lady. Not 40s though probably late 50s maybe older. Kinda like being massaged by grandma. Short and chunky. Avg face. So massage started face down w some oil. Op hit it pretty well was not therapeutic at all. Miss the AMPs in that regard. More like soft body rub. Did hit all body parts but no pressure whatsoever and I like pressure. No teasing no soft touch just the flip. Continue light rub on legs arms and torso then slowly transitioned to he. Nice technique , no jackhammer.
Cleaned up left 20 tip and booked.

Overall it was ok. It’ll scratch an itch in a pinch but def much better options out there specially once this mess is over. Oh how I miss the AMPs. No conversation at all. Which I don’t mind at all. Don’t like too much chitchat. Would recommend w caveat that u know what your getting. Specially at this price point


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Messages: 8
My man! I think I booked her right after you. Your review is spot on, guess you get what you pay for. $60 will do the trick, but do you really want Russian-robo-granny???