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Review: Latina Sandra


Woof Woof
Messages: 408
Reviews: 14
I wound up hitting a stripper from Cherries in Sunset Park (long closed). It cost me: a ride, a room $ and a pack of smokes. She even let me hit the back door.....ahhh the good old days.


Registered Member
Messages: 20
Reviews: 3
Oh. Ive done it. I had a 1500 one for 2hrs in the city a few months ago plus a hotel so like 1800 score. But it was ultimate heaven. I do that like 2 times a year tho because I just cant justify it in my head. The rest of the time I see brooklyn half hours just for a release to tide me over till the next manhattan adventure.
WOW...wouldnt pay 1800 beans for that. You can fly to D.R for a 3 day weekend with a villa near a beach bang 7+ chicks for 2k