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Review: LaLa Kim Spa - Lily


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since I’ve been mongering .6 + 1.4 has been the standard for FS. I got TS, FS, and 40 minutes of massage for that price. What do you mean $100 worth of service? That’s a massage and HJ/R&T only as far as I know. And there are places you can go for that

that’s what FS costs. tip can increase if the service is great or I want more. I’m confused by your comment.


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Well, I monger both in NY and NJ and for $200, whether it's a straight $200 or a combined house money and tip, 90%, of the time you get a mostly gfe type session. Bbj, dfk, lfk, daty.. At least some if not all of those and possibly more. What you got was a standard service which from a market perspective should only tip a 100 for... Obviously tips are subject to the monger themselves and since nothing gfe was done, tips should be kept low to send the provider a message. In my opinion, the provider didn't go out of her way to do anything extra. However it so usually incumbent upon the monger to ask. $200 for a generic massage and FS is simply obsurd and since you said she is new, now you set a precident that she'll expect for $130 tip and provide nothing extra for future mongers who visit her.
I'm sorry, but I fail to believe you were paying $200 in 2018 which is the date on your Amp account being as your mention you've been paying $200 since you started.
Shits way to expensive now a days with this Biden a hole running shit. We don't need to make mongering any more expensive. That is all I'm saying.