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Review: Keeping the pace at New Green


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Title: Review: Keeping the pace at New Green
City: Nazerth
State: Pennsylvania
Address: Bath Pike
Activities: Nice massage,enjoyable time
Age Estimate: 35+
Nationality: Korean
Physical Description: Average, typical for this place
Summary: Been switching girls up here quite regularly. Went to see Julie,gone. Ended up with Sonny. Not young type spinners here but average women who treat you well. There was one exception to this, banging hot Jenny. Did two brief stints, never to be seen again.
Sonny gave a decent massage. Some light touch towards the end.
Enjoyable time in the slow lane which I prefer over the fast pace of the must have hot spots. Everybody runs South, I meander North.

Recommendation: Yes


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Messages: 41
Reviews: 5
Julie was always my favorite, Jenny a close second. They switch the lineup too much for me to frequent. If it was closer it would be my go to place.


Registered Member
Messages: 6
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I saw a Judy there one time a couple months ago, she was pretty good. Now I’m wondering if her name was Julie and I heard her wrong.


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Messages: 4
Reviews: 2
New management and a familiar face running things. Revolving door of talent, some real gems and the occasional dud but either way no one stays long


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Messages: 4
Reviews: 1
Too much up and down. I got tired of giving a shot here since last summer. But I might go back and give it a try again like a salmon returning.