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Review: Jackie Ironboubd Neward


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Title: Review: Jackie Ironboubd Neward
Date: Nov 1, 2023
Phone: 973-508-8079
City: Newark
State: NJ
Location: Commercial Building
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 150.00 60 min
Nationality: Latina
Age Estimate: 40
Physical Description: Hot Latin 5'4-5'5 36 c-d? unreal sexy as hell body long reddish brown hair

Recommendation: Yes


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Yup. Saw her 2-3 times. Had her top completely off and got to suck the melons, bottom down to her thong with some grinding and DFK but that was her limit (at least for me ). I know for a fact she has done FS in the past but no longer does that. She really is sexy AF though & a sweet lady but the last time I was there she provided less than the first two times claiming I do massage and this is my place of business. Big time cock tease but provide standard release. I won’t go back.


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I can confirm, it’s 100% her, but keep in mind that the photos online are heavily filtered and she looks much older than those photos. But overall a pretty women in her mid to late 40’s.


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I think guys just try to justify to themselves on the money they spent that they had a good time. It’s like the guys that go to a legit place and get nothing other than a massage. Knowing they were hoping for a HJ. Anyway I’m not going to see her. But glad you felt you had a good time.