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Review: EPM Hosi


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Hosi is really hot. There is a bit of a language barrier with her if you're really chatty and if you like to talk a lot, I wouldn't go there. She kind of can get frustrated I think she wants to communicate but will give you a blank stare when she doesn't understand fully. Seems like she might just keep quiet rather then question you. Just go with it her lead and you'll have a blast. BTW she is really attractive. I caught myself a few times with a "Holy Shat" moments she is hot.

BTW I am not sure if it is official but it seems like the new EPM standard is 3 Bens. That is at the lower base end of the industry standard and I used to tip that total amount anyways. It really seems like to get decent AMP service for anyone under the age of 40 2 Bens is now normal. Heck most likely AMP ladies closer to 50+ are asking for 2+ Bens and still giving CBJ type service. A few AMP all of a sudden the lady couldn't speak English after I negotiated VIP for 2 Bens and it was really lame levels of service. At least with EPM you know what you're getting.

It kind of sucks but it seems like the better touring Cali ladies are touring in NY, Boston and DC while skipping Philly. Supply and Demand.


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The grass is not greener on the other side. Boston has had it worse for a long time now, and NY's overrated. What is with the vague intel (if you can even call it that), is LF using you to test the waters or are you speculating about what you think the girls "deserve"? Philly is far from the only place experiencing lulls, the least they can do is weed out the YMMVs. People don't just agree to pay more for shittier service.