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Review: Dream Spa - Angel

Happy Jack

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It's clear that you get special treatment and first crack at the new girls because you're a regular that puts good reviews which drive up their business. I don't begrudge you that. I've had similar situations at places I visit enough times that the MMS knows me and instructs a girl to be good to me before a session. That's good business sense on their part.

I have seen it stated in more than one review that LE was around. The posters of those reviews were uncomfortable enough about it that they felt the need to include it in their review. It is hardly defamation that I, out of an abundance of caution about mongering in a town I'm not familiar with and is not local to me, take it into account as one of, but not all, the factors in deciding whether or not to visit. That's why these boards are here: To help others make informed decisions. It is not an advertising or promotion space. I've read most of the reviews of Dream, and a lot of the comment sections that follow as well, and it seems whenever someone has an opinion or assessment that doesn't sing Dream's praises, you pounce on that person like Captain Save-a-Ho.

I clearly said in my comment that locals should have at it and enjoy, not sarcastically. If I lived closer to the place, I might wear a hat and dark sunglasses and be a regular there too, but as it happens, there are places closer to me that provide the same menu and a safer environment, at least according to my comfort level. The options for premium service is slim to none in my area, and I don't mind a little travel time to find it when I'm in the mood, but I've seen nothing in Dream's reviews that indicates it rises to that level and worth it for me to make the trek.

I hope that clarifies my comment and you can stand down from red alert.

In for a penny, In for a pound. Sure, I've hit some traffic snarls here and there, but, depending on what times I choose to travel, it can be mostly smooth sailing.
If you look closer, those bullshit Leo comments are from guys that were pissed that their appointments were not honored. I agree that you should bitch as loud as you want about getting screwed or bumped if you had a legit service issue. I've been there countless times. Never once saw Leo in the parkinglot. Those comments look an awful lot like bullshit comments from someone that was pissed off, and is attempting to hurt the spa.
Comments like that lead to a slowdown in business, and when there is a slowdown, the spa loses their best talent.
I'm not trying to save a ho, I'm trying to not have to travel into Manhattan to find comparable talent and service, and also having to pay twice the price.

If the powers that be had an interest in this place, there will not be police cars there. It's going to be unmarked cars and surveillance vehicles from the prosecutors office, or the FBI. NB police have their hands full with crack head, drug dealers and gang bangers. The last thing they are interested in is a few girls giving massages and happy endings.