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Review: Cara's - Jenny


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So in case you've read this far, this is my second review of Jenny.

I was hoping to get one more round in before my biz trip concluded. I called to see if Jade or Emma was available as I wanted to mix things up, but they were unavailable and I was offered Jenny instead. I visited Jenny earlier in the week and I had a good time then so didn't mind seeing her again. I know the reviews with her are mixed, and like I said before ymmv, but I think we definitely made a connection during my first visit and I figured it was worth seeing her again.

I took the last spot of the evening as I was wrapping up my day and I was a little worried that she may be tired. However, upon knocking on the door, she immediately recognized me and seemed genuinely excited to see me. She immediately started DFK and we worked our way over to her room. She was wearing a cute top with short jean shorts on, but those came off very quickly. She seemed eager to want to play. She pulled down my pants in the room and started a bbbj on jr right away. This girl didn't waste any time! She was right by the mirror so I got a great side view while jr. disappeared in and out of her mouth. We moved over to the bed and then I laid down and she continued to service jr. I thought her attention to jr. was top notch and she definitely was eager to please. She motioned me to enter. However, unlike like last time, she didn't not try putting a hat on jr. I asked if we should use a hat and said no that I didn't need to. I was a bit hesitant but she seemed keen on doing it without. She said it feels better for her and that she doesn't let everyone do it. Well let me tell you, it was even tighter and wetter without the hat on and I almost went pretty quick. We switched positions and she went CG and started riding like there was no tomorrow. I told her it felt too good and that I was trying to hold back, but she said but that's why we have round 2 and giggled. So she jumped off and went with bbbj again to slow it down, but I think she could tell that I liked it. So she she picked up pace and pretty quickly I went bbbjcim. She took it like a champ. She went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up and then we cuddled for a bit again. She told me a little more about her personal life during this session and we seemed to have good chemistry just talking about traveling, etc. After a little rest, we started DFK and she got jr. up again. BBBJ to DS to Mish. She told me I could CIP but I'm more visual and it ended up with me going from mish to finishing all over her. She cleaned herself up as well as me. We hung out for a bit more, definitely not a clock watcher, and said next time I should bring some drinks as the last session so we could take our time. I may take her up on the offer next time!
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