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Review: BSC - Stephanie


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Pm me if ya

pm me if you know please
It looks as though you have access to Private Details. If you spend 5-10 minutes with the search function it will appear. Certain things are in the Private Details section for discretion.
When reading up on a spa or girl you get a feeling weather or not it is a place you would like to spend time. Then if you can not find the info what I do is send a PM to a member who has written a review. If he feels comfortable he may answer. It is all about building trust. Best way to build trust is to write reviews and take part in discussions. BTW posting and asking about 'DAMAGE' is frowned upon by members and the mods.


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Continuing to ask for address and phone number at this point is boring and some of dumbest shit I've ever heard


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QUOTE="Frankup2, post: 706491, member: 6199"]The only thing sketchy here is your post history.[/QUOTE]
I agree. Definitely something "off" there. Best to not even respond to those types.