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Review: BSC - Lorena


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Messages: 12
Booked an appointment to celebrate myself. It’s been a while! I hope this isn’t so boring. I went in there were three girls available. I was greeted and gave the .8. I actually got to pick and I went with Lorena. She was the one who opened the door with this outfit where basically her top was spilling out.

Used the bathroom and downstairs I go. She came down with me and brought water. I got undressed and asked for a massage. It wasn’t the best but it was better than nothing after driving for about an hour. She did rub my feet which was good. lol very rare that happens. Anyway. Massage was like maybe 20 min. She didn’t speak English. Just Portuguese but I connected trying to speak Spanish. Her accent was amazing had me rock hard from the beginning.

Soon as she finished the massage she got naked and said come here papi looking at the bed. The tan lines she had were amazing omg. Her bottom was so nice I gave it a nice slap and laid on the bed. She started off by kissing my neck and down my chest. All the way down licking my sack. She grabs the condom and starts an amazing CBJ. I almost bust there but I wanted to feel her ride me. She gets ontop moaning at the top of her lungs as she grinding on me. She was so wet she didn’t need any lube. Man I was going crazy. She lead my hands which were in her tits to her ass. She bent over and said papi damelo duro. I went to town. Almost busy again and stopped to switch. I got ontop and was going to town with a whole tit in my mouth. Did that for a bit then I wanted to finish in my favorite position. Doggy. Omg the view of that ass. I dream about it every night. Finished in the bag. She takes it off puts it to the side and kisses my shaft saying good baby. Then we cuddle for maybe 10 min. Clean up. Leave 2.0 as I’m getting dressed and she’s cleaning up the room. She said to come see her again which I most likely will but I have a work trip. Prob won’t be back till next month.