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Review: Abby - A Dirty Little Girl with Piss Poor Personal Hygiene at Therapy Wholistic in Bridgewat


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It can go both ways ya know. I once went to a spa to see a real beauty. I stopped after work g all day figured I’d shower there. I get in pay mamasan my gal comes in sis oh sorry honey tableshower broken So she gets started then goes and gets a tub and towels and washes me down ass balls butt rack and all with a smile. After the exhibition I look at the towels and water and was like daym I’m a dirty bitch. I wouldn’t have gone if I knew ya was on brink. She didn’t care she got her bucks that night.


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She is such a money slut. Last session she told me 120 tip was too little, she said if I like her, I should give 300 tip to her!!! Four months before, she asked me to buy a MCM backpack for her which costs $800, and also asked me to buy a Burberry leather bear for her. I refused buying the backpack, she was not happy. Be aware of her, She is not only unsanitary, but she will ask you for more money if you are familiar to her.


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It’s pussy! What did you expect it to smell like? That being said, I saw her last week and partook of all she had to offer. Yes, there was a slight odor. But it certainly didn’t slow me down. And I’m no fan of the big bush. The only crime I see here is that she likely spent that 8-10 minutes of shower time sitting on her ass and staring at her cel phone.
If it smells like cologne, leave it alone....If it smells like fish, it's a