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Review: 785 Maggie


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How long was the session? I noticed lately the new girls want to get you out in 40 min
Ohhhhh they try my brotha they do try to cut it short but Im always nice to mamasan and I tell her I come from faraway so please all I ask is one hour and I will be so grateful and mms is great to me because I usually say nice things to her and listen to her listen let's say Maggie enters the room at 3....I expect the session to be done at 4 but I'm a realist I'm never getting a fulllll hour wit anyone but she's not trying to kick me out at 330 or 335 oh no she is not...345 she can start doing the pointing watch thing and then I will do my best to rush it so that by 350 or 355 I'm out the door refresh....I think that's fair enough... remember this place gets CRAZY BUSY LOL....I believe there is a half hour price for 50 although I'm not to sure