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Review: 648 Wellness - Yoyo, Oh no


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Title: Review: 648 Wellness - Yoyo, Oh no
Date: Nov 9, 2023
Phone: 609-228-9238
City: Piscataway
State: NJ
Location: Stelton Rd.
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $60/$1.4
Nationality: Chinese
Age Estimate: 32
Physical Description: Cute, 5'3, black hair, petite, nice mm C's, meaty ass

Recommendation: Yes
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YoYo she is amazing I had a great session with her today. She likes to please me. And I like to please her at my way out Mango and Apple and Babe they all came out to Kiss me.Babe loves to show me off . Any way I told her I hope you keep YoYo . To me this place is a beautiful place the girls are all beautiful. Great review. By the way what happened to you it happened to me but we both started laughing.


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Loosing a hat under the hood happens as does breakage. It can be nerve wracking for both parties.
Wait 2 weeks and get tested for STIs and again in 3 months for HIV.
Then you can sleep at night again.
It’s all part of the hazard pay .