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Review: 36 Dream Spa - Vivi Sunday Mornings Were Made for Trips into NYC

Happy Jack

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Title: Review: 36 Dream Spa - Vivi Sunday Mornings Were Made for Trips into NYC
Date: Sep 17, 2023
Phone: 646-226-1885 Spa or Vivi Direct 626-236-2383
City: Manhattan
State: New York
Location: West 36th Between 6th and 7th Ave
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 100/200 for the hour.
Nationality: Chinese
Age Estimate: Early 30's
Physical Description: Exotic Looking Beauty, Tight Sexy Body of Natural Perfection. Vivi has perfect Natural full B sized breast with perfect dark eraser nipples. and the cutest perfectly round little bubble ass.

Recommendation: Yes

Happy Jack

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Messages: 3,423
Reviews: 128
Thanks for sharing, so it’s 300 in total?
Correct. House Fee of 100 + 200 Tip =300 Total

I told her other than her ass in the mirror, that picture that they are using on their twitter doesn't really do her justice.
I don't know why they hide her face, because for the NJ Spa, and in her picture with her direct phone number, they showed her face all the time, and she is good with it.

Looks like they took my comments about the picture to heart. Vivi told me they took a new picture of her, and they started using it yesterday. The new photo looks much sexier and shows off her nice thighs and hip, as well as her nice naturals.




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How about West 56th Street or First Ave and East 22nd. How hard is it to get to those locations from Penn Station by Subway?
W.56th, the 1 or 9 train uptown from Penn to 59th st. To get to e. 22nd., 1 or 9 to 14th, take the L train (west to east) to 14th to the 6 train to 23rd. St.. or, 1 or 9 uptown to 42nd st. Take the S across town, then 6 train downtown to


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Lol - was hoping the Vivi from Grace Spa or RR. She has been MIA for quite some time now.
Towards the end she was only working like a day a week and was trying to get into business. She lived with her parents in NYC so a little different background. But man was she a smoke show.