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PLEASE READ: If you would like to earn "Private Access" for your reviews, you need to read this...


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If you have "Private Access" then you have the ability to read the details of what took place during posted encounters that are not visible to a regular member. Without "Private Access" the information you can get from reviews is extremely limited. It's basically essential to get the true value from reviews and from this site in general.

Of course, Private Access can be purchased by clicking the "Purchase Private Access" link at the top of the forum just underneath our logo, but we also allow our members to "EARN" private access by contributing reviews of your experiences. MANY members take advantage of this, in fact there were well over 20,000 reviews posted on this site in the past 12 months. That's an average of over 50 per day.

If you wish to post reviews here and earn your private access credit as opposed to paying for it, there are some basic things you need to know.


First of all, reviews are subject to approval by the moderating staff. That means every single review that gets posted is reviewed manually by one of our mod staff who check that it meets the criteria of approval. If it does, then you earn 45 days of private access immediately upon approval. If it doesn't, then the moderator will reject it, in which case it doesn't earn any credit at all.

This thread should be a helpful guide for you to avoid rejection and to ensure you earn credit for your submission.

When you hit the "Post Review" button you are presented with what we refer to as "the Review Template". More important than anything, you are required to fill it completely out. If you leave fields blank, you are sure to get the rejection notice. Here are some other helpful tips:

  • The Title of your review should include the name of the provider and the name of the Establishment. If you just put the name of the establishment, your review is sure to be rejected. Readers need to know who you saw and who to ask for if they want to see someone based on reading your review. If you don't remember, that's fine....but you shouldn't expect to receive credit for your review because it's not helpful to the members if they can't see exactly who you saw.
  • To earn credit, your experience must be dated within the past 30 days. If it's outside of 30 days, the review will be rejected. By the way, "Rejected" does not mean we delete it, or remove it from public view, or ban you or anything of the like. It just means that you won't earn private access credit for a review that's posted about an experience that took place more than 30 days ago.
  • The phone field is there for a reason. That reason is to put the phone number. Writing "google it" or "look it up" or "she's well reviewed here" will guarantee your review will get rejected even if it's so well written that it deserves a Review of the Year award. You're trying to earn credit, right? Then you do the work. Put the phone number. I guess you can be lazy if you want, that's your choice...but we won't be rewarding you for that.
  • City, State, Location, Age, Nationality....all of that is self-explanatory. Just be sure you fill it out.
  • Physical Description: You should give a decent description of her appearance. Putting "old lady" will get it rejected. Putting "Nice tits and ass" will get it rejected. Look at it through the readers eyes. You need to put enough so that the reader can get an idea how she looks. Put a little effort into it. Tall, short, athletic, saggy, measurements, boobs manmade or real, tats or piercings, shaved or natural, hair color, skin complexion. Be as descriptive as you can be. Don't "phone it in" unless you want the review to be rejected.
  • Private Details: This is where you put the details of what took place during your session. Some people go to great lengths here, and great detail, putting their writing skills on full display almost as if they're writing a romance novel. That's not required but it certainly is entertaining and adds value. Everyone writes different, but just do the best you can at painting a picture for the reader of what took place. If you leave it blank, rejection. If you put one or two sentences down, rejection. If it was a "legit massage" only, you need to spell that out clearly for the reader so they don't go in with unreal expectations. If more activities took place, then that needs to be explained. Also, keep in mind that reviews that read like an ad get rejected. What I mean is reviews that have private details like "She's so great, she's a bundle of joy! She's always game for fun. She'll treat you like a king.Wow. She's a stallion. She'll wear anyone down." That doesn't tell anyone jack shit about what took place during your session with her. That doesn't help anyone. The readers want to know who she is, how to contact her and see her, what she offers, and what to expect should they choose to seek her out and book an appointment with her.

That's pretty much it. You should have no problem getting credit for your reviews if you familiarize yourself with these very basic guidelines and follow them when turning in your review submissions.

A couple more things:


Everyone can see your review and anyone may reply to someone's review. Keep in mind, not everyone can see those private details. Thats to be kept in private so do not ask questions or in any way refer to what was written in the Private Details section of reviews.

Also, and this is mainly for our senior and/or veteran members with tons of experience either here or in the hobby in general. Typically time and experience earns respect on these forums and in this type of community, and your most respected members are the ones who are helpful in their responses, provide sage advice and share their wisdom, the fruit of their time and experience, freely and respectfully. They have a keen awareness that those reading the review forums, reviews and responses are comprised of fellow veterans like themselves but also newbies to the board and newbies to this hobby in general. They use this awareness to their benefit in how they interact with others, how they ask questions, and how they share their insights. Over the years I've seen (on quite a few different boards) certain "old guard" veteran members rise to an almost "God-like" status among providers and fellow hobbyists due to the image they had carefully constructed for themselves over the years with how they interacted with other members in public forums, and how helpful they were and willing to share their wealth of knowledge to others that were not as far along and simply trying to learn and follow along in their footsteps.

My advice: Everyone should strive to be that kind of member. Don't be posting accusations of other members. Don't come across with a condescending tone. Don't come along and shit on someone because you didn't like their review. In general, don't be a dick. If you can't offer constructive feedback that provides encouragement, then don't post at all. We want people to feel comfortable to jump in and start posting their experiences. And we, as a community, can help them along in an encouraging way. Often times, newer members are too intimidated to post due to seeing someone get ripped to shreds by long-time members for not knowing the protocol or accidentally posting something the wrong way or leaving some detail out. We need to help those people and encourage them....not make them feel like idiots. Because then, they don't feel like sharing. And they might have some valuable intel, but they'll end up keeping it to themselves or share it among their friends privately, and that doesn't do us any good at all.


Next, what happens if your review gets rejected. Does that mean you're shit out of luck? No it does not.

Most importantly, once your review is posted you'll see a box above the review that indicates whether it's "Pending" which means it hasn't been reviewed by a moderator yet. "Approved" which means it was reviewed and 45 days of private access credit was granted. Or, "Rejected" which means the moderator did not grant review credit. The reason for rejection is given by the moderator who reviewed the submission, and is written in that box above the review. It could be fields were left blank, it's older than 30 days, no name given, no phone number, or lacking in the physical description or private details don't tell enough about what happened. You will receive an auto-PM notification that your review was rejected but this DOES NOT tell why it was rejected, you ALWAYS have to get that info by looking above the review itself. You shouldn't even bother to ask the mod why it was rejected because you'll just be directed back to your review to read the comments in the Rejection notice. Save the mod that trouble and just go check it yourself.

If you're not trying for private access and your review gets rejected you can always leave it as is, but if you wanted to earn credit, you can still make corrections and earn the access. One way is to RESUBMIT the CORRECTED version of your review and let it pass through the queue again. If you choose this option ,you'll need to report your old rejected review to the mod staff and ask that it be removed as you will be posting an updated one. If it's something simple like a missing name or phone number or other small detail, you can PM that to the mod who rejected your review and ask that it get edited in. Mods can do that and then manually issue credit. Just work with the mod behind the scenes and more often than not we can guide you in correcting the issues so you can earn credit for your review. Take note, though. All of these options take time. Could take days. With that in mind, the best practice is to make sure all the criteria is met within your review before posting so you can earn credit the first time around.

Thanks everyone,