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  • Morning TopJimmy,

    I received a notice that my account expired today, however I have a balance of 456 days listed in my profile. So do I have to buy more time or can I use my balance of 456 days to see the private details? Thanks in advance.
    Not sure if there’s was some kind of issue with my review, if so I’ll try to write a better one next time - but I’ve left a review in the Brooklyn forum and have not gotten credit. Thanks in advance
    Hi Top Jimmy,

    I “conversationed” you about gaining access after writing my first review. Looking to know if I am missing something to get private access. Do I need to write more reviews?
    Hey jimmy. Posted a review over 48 hours ago. Can you please approve for private content? Would like to contribute more to the community.
    Posted a review and awaiting private content viewing. Please grant access when you get a chance, thanks Jimmy.
    Hi. i posted a review that is public and was approved but i still can't read other people's reviews. Is there something that i must to do? thank you
    Hi, I posted a review back on Oct 25, 2018. I was able to see private content for a while, but I can't see private content any more. Not sure what happened. Thanks in advance for your help fixing this!
    Hi. Terrific site. I also posted a review and am hoping to get approved. please review and advise how to make this happen
    I too wrote an approved review and cannot access private content! What’s up???
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