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Recent content by gg1234

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    Looking in koreatown

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    Orgs/amps that have Nuru?

    At CGLA, Yujin is currently offering nuru. Never seen her before.
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    Site down?

    First you have to install a UserScript manager. Desktop users should install Violentmonkey. Android users should install Kiwi Browser and then install Violentmonkey. iOS users should install UserScripts for Safari. After you have a UserScript manager installed, installing userscripts is just...
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    Where’s the party at?

    Like @jdonova said, SoCal discussion mostly happens at usasg.
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    Site down?

    The Southern California forums at usasexguide are active and might be a good place to regroup. With an ad blocking userscript, it becomes tolerable to use.
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    The Palms Day Spa in Orange - Multiple Providers
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    Top 3 agency K-Town LA

    If you're from NorCal, I'd try Yua & Ray, because they recently expanded to San Mateo, and they're likely to take your NorCal references. Booker Gray may also take NorCal references and will give you access to a lot of girls. Once you're established with those 2, you can expand to the rest. I...
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    Looking in koreatown

    There are so many other bookers to choose from that don't make it so hard to see their site. Don't get too fixated on the "best" agency, because there is no best agency anymore with the way things work in LA.
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    Your current favorite org and ones you won’t go near?

    From the la_bbfs list, my go-to orgs are SFK and KGLA. Their popular girls are offer great service.
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    Recommendation for LA

    On their twitter account, they state that they share references with SF and LV.
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    Any recommendations in Oahu?

    There is a userscript to remove all the ads from that forum. Installing A UserScript Manager Desktop - Install Violentmonkey. Android - Install Kiwi Browser and then install Violentmonkey. iOS - Install Userscripts for Safari. Once you have a userscript manager, you can install userscripts...
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    Recommendation for LA

    If you have the private contact information of a k-girl that worked in the Bay Area but moved to Southern California, have that k-girl vouch for you with the booker she's currently working with. This is probably one of the most effective ways to get verified, but it's contingent on you to get a...
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    Recommendation for LA

    This will help you figure out Southern California.
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    Link to Most K-Girl Agencies in Los Angeles

    There's an OC section here:
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    Link to Most K-Girl Agencies in Los Angeles

    This will help you figure out Southern California.