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Recent content by dickbanterring

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    Cici 365 gone?

    785 in NJ?
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    Cici 365 gone?

    So don't forget to ask their private numbers if you really like them. I do it even it costs little extra.
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    Review: Massage Hopewell

    Same old but this place gives an experience better than average so recommendable.
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    Review: Lisa @ Good day spa

    Title: Review: Lisa @ Good day spa Date: Aug 31, 2022 Phone: (732) 455-5006 City: Neptune Age Estimate: 38/40 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Petite, pleasant demeanor, natural C, 115lbs Private Details: Met a new girl Lisa who is prolly a Chinese not Korean. So first the...
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    Review: Massage Hopewell

    It was open last Monday.
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    Review: EHT Massage - Lilly

    If there's no chance to enjoy any mutual touch with the gal... I can't find any motivation to go over.
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    Review: Good day spa - June

    Too fast rotation. She already left. So assigned with Lisa. She has a very good command of her lips. Fluent English skills.
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    Review: Magic mouth, Desiree in Pennsauken, NJ

    Looks like a Gilf technician having a great craft skills. Recently I found I need to reboot my small head bored with his job.
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    Review: VIP Watchung

    She has a butt like a mom not like a Latina so you def over paid.
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    Any of you let the hobby get out of control?

    If it is out of control, you must live near by a palor or indy. When I was almost out of control, I moved out to be away from the yummy pussies in the city. That only helped me.
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    Review: Good day spa - June

    Title: Review: Good day spa - June Date: Aug 12, 2022 Phone: 732-455-5006 City: Neptune Age Estimate: 37 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: 5'4", tanned skin, natural C's with nice erasers Private Details: Walked in without an appointment, mamasan escorted me to the room, after a...
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    Review: Booming spa is Open now Green Vue

    Same management? I met Monika several times. Yumi is pretty like Monika?
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    Review: EHT Massage - Yoyo

    Glad to hear. Egg harbor needs more providers.
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    Review: Revitalization Center- Sophie

    Prolly only available with a flyer in a new V promotion period.
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    Review: A Great day at Good Day Spa- Neptune

    Looks-wise, Jackie and Happy both looking almost identical to me. Only one thing different thing is Happy has natural B sized top.