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Please tell me more about your experience with much $? Was it worth it? I have been to Mystique a few times, it seems different girls offer different options???

I live in downtown Brooklyn so this place is of interest to me. Haven't been there in a long time. I know these places dont like to much specific info in reviews about extras. I was wondering if you could fill me in on some specifics about provider and extent of accommodation. If you look at my reviews and have any questions about the Spas I review in Brooklyn I can give you fairly recent info on them.
New Century just curious, you seem to be down on it. Is there any thing I should be concerned about? Issues with keeping appointments being my biggest concern it is a bit of a hike for me. Thanks
If it's a hike for you, I myself would find something closer with better reviews ..... the place is a hit and miss.... mostly miss
lots of luck!
Are you looking for massage or FS? River is Jewish (ex-Hasidic) and perfectly fits your bill, but she's expensive ($1000). She used to do massages at Chelseagirls, might occasionally still do that (though I haven't seen any postings late). Massages were great; she can be playful and dominant. But I don't do full service, and $1000 is way more than I'd spend anyway.
Thanks. Ive seen River’s ads around and she fits the bill for the petite busty Jewish girl but way overpriced like you said. Sophie seems similar and is only 180 for hhr.
Hey nice review of Liana. are the pics accurate? Was thinking about seeing her tomorrow. Pics make her body seem very athletic. Is that the case? Any restrictions that I should be aware of? Many thanks!
right up the street Tai Che Massage and gifts think its on 8th ave and one on Kimberton Ave Go the other way and hit massage quest in Collegeville, Collegeville massage on ridge pike Yang Yangs on ridge pike Lu on trooper road