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Whereabouts on Kora KG


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Anyone know where Kora went or what happened to her? Website says she’s around but booker says she’s no longer working and won’t give details.
I wanted to see her for her return but she seems to be gone already(?!)


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I went to KG yesterday and she was not working. I wonder if she got there at all this time as she just popped up on website out of nowhere.


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400 was already pushing it. Not worth it
Agree-Bet she asks for $500 just like Aurora. Costs are getting ridiculous. Would rather spend $500 on r/t airfare and go to Costa Rica, Medellin (total dimes at Loutrun-Pablo Escobars old house converted to the highest rated in Colombia) at 300,000 peso which is $130-150 for total dimes with no rush,Rio, Budapest, Prague and go totally wild at reduced exchange rates.


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"Prices go up, be happy we still have her, blah blah, etc."

Truck loads of hot Japanese girls coming in all the time for 340-400, all about 10-15 years younger and less miles.
Then a few mos later. "Where did ______ go?" :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:these girls gotta be high fiving each other and messaging each other like 'these guys will always pay!"

The REAL Bxbrown

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Then a few mos later. "Where did ______ go?" :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:these girls gotta be high fiving each other and messaging each other like 'these guys will always pay!"
Nope, not with me.

One of these so called "hot" girls reached out to me a few months ago, I flat out told her she was too rich for my blood, she gave me shit that I go to tons of places, I said "yeah, I decide where, how, and who I spend that on, and when something is beyond my reach". A few days later she says I can see her at her old rate, said "no, thanks". More time passes and she gives me more shit about not seeing her. Pros or civilians, I'm never afraid to say no.