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Welcome to Beantown!


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Dam- a Boston section made right when I'm getting ready to relocate from here. I'll have to visit again to leave some reviews haha ;) big thank you to the mods for listening to feedback and working on it so quickly.
I've been on the Boston scene for a while, so feel free to ask me any questions. I'll share what I can, but I don't think this specific forum is private so I can't be as descriptive here.

In my opinion, 99H usually has great massages and HE (YMMV with a specific provider), but they only do a few special services


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Chinatown and Greater Boston in general (with some exceptions) are largely made up of older Chinese milf/gilfs with limited menus. As you get further outside of 95, the menus seem to expand. Examples include Rogers St in Lowell and Worcester/Framingham area amps. Sometimes Nashua or Salem produce some good options. (Southern NH)
If you truly need NY/NJ style amps with Korean providers and a classic amp experience Providence is the closest place.
Over the years, I've found many hidden gems around the greater Boston area but that was my initial stomping ground and I definitely put in the leg work. Quincy/South Shore, CT, Brookline, Waltham/Metro West and all of North Shore on up to NH.
Overall it's not necessarily a bad area for mongering, but it's absolutely more hit and miss than NY/NJ.
I could draw a comparison to NJ as it's just sprawling suburbs full of Amps. (In many ways-and I've traveled all over the country- Eastern Mass and NJ are very comparable in that regard.)
As always with Boston, bring your patience with you. You'll be frustrated if you're used to NJ or NY amps.
Good luck.

Dim Some

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About 14 Years ago, I had called a service who came to my boston hotel (by NEU) Truly amazing as the door knocked and a young, beautiful 30 something girl in a kimono walked through the door. I have never been able to repeat on the east coast. Just added Boston to my territory so maybe this site can provide some much appreciated insight.