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Top Spinners / Small Girls


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Messages: 156
Reviews: 8
Great feedback, thanks! I am just so lame that I don't adventure too much with those girls, so paranoid about catching an STD or something, so I kinda use it as AAMP in my case, and normally 30 minutes is the right amount for me. I need a little push :)


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Messages: 65
Reviews: 6
I had to relocate out of NorCal to take care of family, but I return every so often. I’ll be visiting end of Nov/early Dec for about 1 week. Goal is to have some fun with providers that are
  • spinner-ific (ideally 5’2” and under)
  • passionate DFK, but I don't enjoy being throat-raped by a hentai alien
  • generally likes sex, and is willing to lead
  • Bonus if their boobs are natural or closer to B than C.
Back in the redbook days, my fave was a Kgirl spinner named Leah in San Mateo. 5ft spinner with natural A/B's. She’d come from DATY+FIV. Trust me, she was just a nympho because I ain’t that good. =)

Currently, my shortlist looks like this (provider: rationale)
  1. Cherry - SKG: reviews (service queen), photos are @#$# hot
  2. Sophia - SKS: reviews (DFK, service queen), height, -photos are meh
  3. Hayun - LKS: reviews (service queen), cute face in photos
  4. Lucie - LSC: reviews (DFK, service queen), service queen, short height
  5. Baby Cherry - SKS: great reviews (service queen), cute face in photos
  6. Hayla - LSC: super short height, cute face
  7. Izzy - LSC (maybe): - she’s got amazing reviews, but I’m not attracted to the photos
I used to be a regular at LSC, but have not visited the other orgs. For budgetary reasons, I’d like to narrow the list down to 5. I’d love your input on who your top 5 PSE spinners are (and let me know if I missed anyone!)


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Messages: 65
Reviews: 6
Forgot to add - if there's such thing as a squirting spinner, pls let me know. Haven't had that experience yet. Yuffie squirts, but I think I should've tried her maybe 5yrs ago.


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Messages: 4
Reviews: 1
I been trying to book with baby cherry but it’s impossible. Po isn’t responsive. Good luck trying. I think you should try Cora she’s beautiful


"aesthete” par excellence
Messages: 536
Reviews: 46
You can't go wrong with SKG Cherry. Her photos are recent and accurate. She's tiny, her stablemate SKG Yenna looks even smaller.

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