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Sugar @ Newport Nuru


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Sugar walks in and im immediately floored by how hot she is like 10/10 conventional hotness like would see her at south coast plaza and be like holy shit she's fine. gorgeous face, perfect big tits that i'm pretty sure are enhanced but are like perfect size and look incredible. sort of reminds me facially of kayden kross hit with like a hint of kazumi. nice big round butt that's so fitting on her athletic frame like she is STACKED, not chubby whatsoever like slim with just a hint of thickness. the room had a red light so couldnt determine eye color but theyre either blue or hazel, all i know is theyre pretty as hell. She said she's japanese and white and looks and comes off very much as an OC type girl, blonde hair she said she just dyed which looks great on her but with a cross of a super fire japanese babe. perfect fluent english and cool as hell vibes/conversation off the bat. immediately disrobed and began a nice firm massage, switched to soft when i asked and immediately started teasing me like crazy. asked to flip early because of said teasing and she immediately got to nuru sliding me between her perfect tits. if you're looking for a tittyjob, this would probably be the babe to go see she's solid at it and such a sight to behold. she seemed really genuinely into it the entire time, like had a smile on her face the entire time and was super vocal and into it and seemed to genuinely love to please. if she wasn't actually into it, she's incredible at her job and deserves an oscar. finished me super quick was is so unlike me and unloaded me onto her tits on her own accord. while cleaning up and chatting she mentioned she also does femdom, humiliation, degradation, feet, tickling, and is open to most other kinks besides sadism. told me to bring a lady friend next time and she'd take care of both of us which i'm going to end up taking her up on. didn't inquire about extras but the vibe felt like they'd be feasible provided she digs you. not sure when she works, i saw her on a thursday. her insta is lavendernurus