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Review: Winny is definitely a winner


Review Contributor
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Title: Review: Winny is definitely a winner
Date: Feb 5, 2024
Phone: 267-563-1205
City: Philadelphia
State: PA
Location: chinatown
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 340
Nationality: Korean
Age Estimate: late 20s
Physical Description: Petite, not super thin but toned, thin waist and wrists, perfect natural C's, beautiful face and smile

Recommendation: Yes


Monday Morning Whoreterback
Messages: 686
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Saw her tonight before she left. She told me she's booked solid until May with no real break. I suggested she take a well deserved vacation before coming back to philly. I tried not to sound too desperate after she thoroughly drained me, although I was in quite a blissful, post-orgasmic fog. She didn't tell me she was definitely returning. but I hope she does as she's the total package with a sexual IQ that's off the charts


Review Contributor
Messages: 74
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Her gfe is SO good that I'm starting to have feelings for her and getting jealous reading other people's review. I kind of hope she will be less gfe so we don't fall for her.
All jokes aside, I know it's just a job... But still...


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She's truly amazing. After we were done we had some time so she asked me to rest my head on her lap and started cleaning my earwax. Doesn't get more gfe than this!