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Review: Tina @ AZN

Review Status: Rejected

Reason provided by moderator: spam



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Title: Review: Tina @ AZN
Date: Feb 1, 2023
Phone: 2154105670
City: Philadelphia
State: Pa
Location: Phily
Age Estimate: 28-33
Nationality: Thai
Physical Description: GND look. Thin but not toned. Cute brace face, pair of MM Ds. Ass flag but has a little shape.
Private Details: I saw Tina on 2 occasions so ill kinds of give a review of them in whole. Tina was an eye catcher for me. In one instance I was able to see both Kate and Tina to determine. Kate is cute but Tina was a no brainer for me. I’m into skinny thick (preferably natty). She doesn’t have a plump ass and her tits are fake. But everything else is hits the mark. I do the standard table shower which for me has never been exciting. Not much mutual touching. For once I’d like a provider to just give me a little foreplay in the shower to warm me up. Maybe one day. So we get to the main event. She starts me off when a cbj. Which is ok. I felt a little teeth but the thick ass condoms actually prove useful in that case. I turn her around for a some doggie. I’m taking my time enjoying the beautiful sight in the mirror. Finally I do some missionary where I watch those tit bounces. Though, I hate the way fake tits feel and move. I finish in the bag. We chit chat for a bit and go on my way. I definitely enjoyed my visits with Tina. The monger in me wants to try other providers rather than constantly repeat 1. However, I would repeat and I do recommended. I thought I read she may be gone? If that true that sucks. Would’ve loved to go “all in” with my tips for a great time at least once with her.
Recommendation: Yes