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Review: Suzie x2


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Messages: 56
Reviews: 6
Last time I was there the place was ridiculous with these ladies yelling to each other. Linda is giving me a massage and while doing so Jenny is yelling to her through the door and Linda is yelling back. Then, it stops and I can hear Jenny and someone else yelling back and forth. On top of that, the doorbell ringing was non-stop. There was absolutely no peace the entire time that I was there.


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Messages: 305
Reviews: 28
Last time I was there she said that she put on weight. That was right before she demanded that the lights be turned off (not down) and I walked out. If I can't see the goods, I'm not paying for them.


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Messages: 68
Reviews: 1
I hate when I’m with jenny and she cracks the door to listen to the other girls or yell out. I know she’s the manger and her sister owns the place but I still find it disrespectful to a paying customer. She is so focused on them and not me but she usually crouches down near the door she just opened. Several times I have used that as an opportunity for FIV. Just in case you forgot I was in the room with you, here is a little reminder. She gets the message and then becomes more attentive to my needs.