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Review: Sunny Nazareth Pike


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Messages: 28
First rate body once the clothes come off. One of the finest bodies I’ve been with in 32 years of mongering. Definitely repeatable. Just make sure to tell her you are paying for a FULL HOUR, not one and done and out the door.


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Messages: 45
Reviews: 9
He meant neighbors, and he’s right. I regretted it after I posted it. There are so many postings (I’m guilty as well) that actually work against our own interest in the long term, but sadly the way we get access to the info (by posting the same reviews of the same establishments and providers) accelerates the eventual demise of the locations. I may get booted by saying this but look at the reviews, literally same things said, said places reviewed, just to keep access (again pointing fingers at the mirror as well) sadly what we have to do while raising the profile and attention to the place. But you are right, ellochombre, I regretted posting it due to the visibility. I don’t know if what I’m saying is frowned upon on here, but it’s hard to deny that 24 postive postings of the same place and same provider brings more potential negatives than positives. Again, just my opinion.