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Review: SunJoy Spa - Lulu (D+)


Registered Member
Messages: 1
.7 - 70$ for house fee from what I have gathered and .8 would be 80$ for tip... total damage would be 150$ if i'm not mistaken by what i read from the reviews and the breakdown of this


Review Contributor
Messages: 9
Reviews: 2
Went to Lulu today off this post....Definitely real, bottom half very nice considering size of breasts. Also was introduced to Angela on way out. Have not tried her yet but she's the best looking of the top four.

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I tried to schedule Lulu the other evening. Was told all was well one hour in advance, arrived, I was told she was busy with another client. I decided to try and wait. I sat on the couch and watched their security camera video screen. Crazy amounts of traffic outside, lots of people in and out, up the stairs. A couple got in a fight right outside the door :( My spidey senses were going off and just as I was about to bail, out walks Lulu. YES they are D++! I was super intrigued until I in fact looked up at her face and while there was nothing wrong with it, she looked so disinterested (and sleepy?) I felt bad for the poor guy she was in there with. I told her I would wait. She walked back to the room, I bailed.

Yes it may be hard to get past those big D+'s knockers attached to a thin young body, but all my alarms were going off. Glad I listened.

Just my $0.02.