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Review: Scarlett @ Lear Talent


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Title: Review: Scarlett @ Lear Talent
Date: Mar 16, 2023
City: New York
State: New York
Location: New York
Age Estimate: 20
Nationality: Latina
Physical Description: Young hot Latina, but YMMV

Recommendation: Yes
Same experience. Really pretty. Very good body. Minimal English but we spoke in Spanish (ColombIan) so it wasn’t the language barrier.


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I had the same lackluster experience. She’s hot as fuck and I thought that would carry the day. Unfortunately, her lack of skills (esp. BBBJ) and indifferent attitude killed the mood! My gut was telling me to listen the early reviews and pass BUT my second head wanted to give her a chance.


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If she is really this young (20) then it's understandable why she isn't very enthusiastic or very service oriented. thanks for the reviews and taking one for the team though but it's pretty much what i expected from a girl as young and hot as her.
The main problem with these girls who are young and very hot is that they are used to fucking mainly young and fit men who they are attracted to. They don’t know how to even fake it when being with guys who they wouldn’t normally be interested in.
Being a provider involves a different skill set from just being promiscuous


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Glad to have read this, I thought about going this week but prob save my time and money for another place. I think most of the time the lure of the eye candy is just that… you get the young and super hot types but more often then not either inexperienced or just lack of interest. Not all but at least the eye candy I’ve been attracted to hasn’t been too memorable. My sweet spot is like early to mid 30s. Seems like they usually have had some years in the business and generally still in it because they have what it takes to still provide. I’ll take a 6-7 with 9 service any day now. But sometimes it seems little man has other ideas with certain eye candy.


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Messages: 189
19 or 20- year old white girls usually provide enthusiastic service, in my experience. Latin girls, not so much.
Nah it’s the same, they believe they will still get paid regardless because they are young n hot, which overrides the little guy