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Review: Rose Red Spa Marsha (I think)


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Title: Review: Rose Red Spa Marsha (I think)
Date: Feb 3, 2024
Phone: 862-228-0216
City: Riverdale
State: NJ
Location: Strip Mall on Rt 23 by Dunkin
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60/140
Age Estimate: 40
Physical Description: 5' 4 '' around 130 lb, round face, floral sun dress, chestnut brown hair couple of inches below her shoulder, soft C's, bit of a belly, flat ass not tats

Recommendation: Yes

Happy Jack

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Well darn. Did the review on my phone. I got the wrong date. It was Saturday the 10th. How do I change that
You just did. Not a big deal. Can't think of who you possibly saw, unless a fourth girl showed up that hasn't been advertised.
Sunny/Rose, Suki, and Bella sound nothing like Marsha.


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I scoped that place out when I heard about it. are they using the back door? I’d like to check it out.
Bella was at the Stone Spa. She is cute and worth the trip. Haven’t tried Suki. Looks like Andy is there also. She is fun :)

Rutts Hutt

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I visit my relative at cedar crest retirement across the street regularly and have been to the buffet. Never heard of it when it was "elements massage". I guess my trips to see my loved one will be a bit more interesting now.


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spa23 on rt23 is next to the DD and daisy spa is about 1 mile after DD on rt23 north, I didn’t visit the new spa but there is no DD next to it, maybe he really went to a different one.