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Review: Magic mouth, Desiree in Pennsauken, NJ


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Messages: 147
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Question, how can you get in to see her if you don't have any references? I have only been to amps so far in the hobby, and am not 1 to typically exchange numbers
I haven’t seen her in years but I remember she was super easy to schedule with, not sure she even required references


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Messages: 36
Yea if you don’t have one nowadays she won’t book you
I’ve tried several times, if you got history with her then yea she will book you but if she don’t know you it’s n no go


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Messages: 244
Reviews: 10
I tried book with her recently but our schedules didn't align. I was just honest and said politely that I have seen other providers but didn't know I would need a reference and the other one requested I don't use her as a reference and she still was willing to book with me. Just be polite. Also I explained I'm not comfortable with giving my phone number but will if she will not contact it and she stayed true to that as well .


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Messages: 26
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Obviously there isn’t a provider we all see that hasn’t done their full share of sword swallowing. That being said, I find it a huge turn off to go on their website and see them balls deep on a tool. Maybe that’s just me.


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She’s amazing at bjs, but when I went, I told her I wanted the total package and she apologized to me because it was that time of the month and she would make it up to me. I didn’t know women still had that at that age… But again she’s amazing, she really does have a magic mouth!


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Has anyone had FS with her lately? Been seeing her for a year and have asked about it often and always get an excuse. That time of the month. My back hurts. Etc.