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Review: GGT- Rebecca


Registered Member
Messages: 120
Reviews: 7
If the guy didn’t like his experience, I get it. Definitely the first “no” I’ve seen from her and I’ve PM’d some others on here and they rave about Rebecca. But like Chopsticks said, “to each his own”

Oliver Klozoff

Review Contributor
Messages: 215
Reviews: 14
I also was not impressed by Rebecca when I saw her recently. I want to like this place, but I hate that they suck at time management and I have yet to really click with any of the women there. Saw Phoenix when she was at 202 and she was fun. Would like to see her again but this review confirms that it would be a crapshoot.


Review Contributor
Messages: 264
Reviews: 30
Ups and downs for everyone, but as far as GGT goes I'm at 99% on the up side. Very good group there now. Only ever rushed a little one time and that was at the busy lunch hour more than a year ago. If anyone is holding back on a Jennifer review I'd like to hear something even if private.


Review Contributor
Messages: 100
Reviews: 36
GGT is using the 206 business model, keep guys in parking lot waiting by over booking and rushing them out 30 - 40 minutes session. In the past 3 weeks I visited twice and had the same experience in rushing me out the door. The other time was during the day around 2pm Thursday. Why take an appointment if the girl I wanted to visit was busy or you gave my time slot to someone else. Just disappointed with management.


Registered Member
Messages: 64
Reviews: 19
Yes the time thing not cool. Last time I had Rebecca the vibe was good but she left right after we boinked. Had another girl finish the massage with 25 min left. Like a surgeon having the nurse close after the operation.


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Messages: 105
Reviews: 22
Not a good thing for them to keep rushing people out, after awhile people will stop going. I have stopped going there months ago when I had made an appointment with someone who I do not remember at the moment and Cindy said oh someone just came I BLAH BLAH BLAH but I but I have so so, well service wasn't great, and I did not stay for the hour. I hate being rushed out and not getting your hour's worth after all you are paying for it, its not free.