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Review: 648 Wellness - bait and switch to KK


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Ok . To all the guys that wants to see Bebe Or Carry 99 out 100 you will be disappointed. This 2 run the place and they have 2 girls all the time on. weekends 3 maybe. They make sure the girls get the business. Only and I mean only if they get busy then I guess they will step in, mind you this place dose not get busy like 202 206 or Dream . And that is great news . This place is a classy place. I personally love the place . So don’t even make on appointment with this 2 you will not get to see them . They know how to run the place if you get lucky and the 2 girls are busy then maybe you will get to see one of them
I’ve been 2x made an appt w/ Bebe each time and have only seen her.


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Good for you she must really like you . Probably Tall dark and Handsome Many guys trying to see her and it’s not a go . Great job .
Oh so you have the view it might be more about "choosing" who they take when you show up. That's an interesting point.
So to expand on that idea, maybe that's why she cops a feel of your junk, she doesn't like swingers lol

Either by choice or by "busy", let's hope these places treat mongers as well as they want to be treated. Like Jack said, skipping House Fees or doing something more next time, is better policy. Also being honest, goes a long way.


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I don’t believe that one can have a bad experience at this venue.

Sometimes they are busy and one cannot always see the provider of his choice.

However, the providers there are very good. Some are more than good. Some are incredibly good. In my opinion, it is worth the risk. One really can’t go wrong.
I had a terrible time with Mia the thick Latina. Everyone else (Skye, yoyo, Apple) were A+