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MP vs Tijuana? Looking for advice


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Hello experts! As my nick indicates, I'm a noob in the AMP scene, so I'm reaching out for some advice.

Yes, I understand I'm completely unknown here, with no other posts aside from this one, but I'm legit (not LE of any kind) and willing to earn your respect. I will gladly share any knowledge or experience I have that any of you may be interested in, if that helps.

To wit, my question:

I have a LOT of experience in Tijuana as a monger down there, but virtually nothing on the US side of the border. How would you recommend that one "learn" or transition to the MP scene here in San Diego, and is it even worth it, or should I go back to the Tijuana crowd?

Some background: back in the late 80's and early 90's, I was pretty active in the streetwalker scene in SD, and I had some favorites that I would see fairly often. They kept me happy, and choices were abundant, and prices good. Since the girls were plentiful back then, I never partook of the MP scene, because honestly, I didn't need it. Life was good, until SDPD started cracking down on sex workers (including strip clubs, adult bookstores, and more). As my pool of trusted SW's started to fade, and fewer and fewer new girls were out, I was about to give up, but one of my monger friends convinced me to give Tijuana (Zona Norte) a try. I was a noob there too, but he was my monger mentor, and showed me the ropes, so learning TJ didn't take much time at all. It only took a few visits before I was hooked, and after that we would make regular trips down to visit the clubs and SW's (still one of my favorite activities; I love street girls). Yes, there were border hassles from time to time, and no, it wasn't always safe, but the quality of the girls was amazing, and it made it all worth the hassle. Our mongering continued for many years, through changes in the TJ scene, all the while that the SD scene was drying up.

Skip forward to about 2014, when I got into a serious relationship and gave up TJ for quite a while. Now skip forward to today. :)

I'm faced with whether I should go back to TJ or, instead, maybe educate myself and get active in the MP scene. I'm looking for opinions from other San Diegans who can offer some comparisons and advice.

On the TJ side, I could probably get back into it fairly easily. I'm street savvy down there, I'm fairly current with the state of the scene, I know the clubs, I still have a few connections, I'm big enough that no one messes with me, and I know how to work the girls/conversations down there. I lost my wingman for trips down there (he moved away), but I'm willing to go alone to enjoy the times, and everything I hear is that it's still amazing there. The downside of this option is that my windows of opportunity are much fewer and smaller now, and a full day trip to TJ isn't possible except on super rare occasions. I can maybe do a 2-3 hour visit, but that's cutting it close with traffic and such. Then there's the constant smoke on my clothes, the need for planning (no spontaneity), and so on.

On the MP side, it's super local, the SD MP scene seems very active with many choices, I don't have to cross the border, I'm less challenged on language, and I could probably swing random MP visits on short notice discreetly, which is what I need these days. All told, I'm guessing the out of pocket costs will be about the same as TJ (figuring gas, taxi, tips, room charge, etc.), so that's a wash. On the downside of MP's is that I know SQUAT about how to pick/find a safe place, how to negotiate price and tip, how to stay safe (i.e., not get picked up by LE), and how to find a "novia" regular that I can trust. In fact, I know so little about MP's that I'm probably going to feel like a complete idiot the first time I go there, and I'll likely waste my money and get nothing for it because I don't know what I'm doing. Which sucks, because I hate feeling stupid. :)

(Part of that is simply because when you go to TJ, every single girl you meet down there is offering sex. Aside from negotiating a price, you don't have to wonder whether you're going to get a HE, and you don't have to look stupid for asking for something you want; it's just assumed you will get it. With MP's, I'm quite sure that many of the places I might try would end up offering no services at all, which would leave me looking like a dork...)

So what do you think? Is the convenience of MP's in SD worth the hassle of learning a new craft and trying to successfully get what I want? How often do you guys actually go into a place, ask or hint for what you want, and then get it? 50% of the time? 20%? 80%?? I dunno... Or should a newbie like me just skip it and take the long trek down to TJ instead and stay with what I know?

Thanks for all your replies!


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Did you ever go to the MPs in Tijuana? They got this one place called New Body my cousin down there swears by it.

We don't really have a big Latina AMP scene here in San Diego since you can just drive to TJ... but the Asian places are aplenty. The intel given here has proven real for me more often than not, and also the intel on the other massage website RM.

IMO we have a pretty decent scene here, the FS places aren't bad, and the prices aren't crazy for such a big, well-off city. Mingle around some more, you'll find places. But TJ is still cheaper and kinkier.


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Now that you mention it, I do remember a couple of the MP's down there, but I never stopped at any. I think my wingman went to a couple on some occasions where he went alone, but I was more like "I'm here for the action, so let's go direct to ZN!" type activity, so we'd go there directly. I did go down to a couple of the clubs on Revolution with a different wingman just to check things out, but it's hard to be impressed with the strippers there when you can have more a few streets away.

I did take your advice and started poking around the other site, and have seen some good intel. I feel a bit better about my chances locally. And yes, I do very much have a thing for Asian women, so it might be time for me to give it shot.

All this discussion and chat has me pretty worked up to get back to TJ too. :) Call it a side benefit. :)



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Tijuana (Hong Kong Club) is my favorite hobbying place. FKKs in Germany a close second. I'm a big fan of Latinas so maybe that's why. I've been going to AMPs for as long as I remember so maybe I'm just tired of them. If I lived in SD, I'd be broke from spending so much time in TJ. Guess it's a good thing I'm in NJ.


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Tijuana (Hong Kong Club) is my favorite hobbying place. [...] If I lived in SD, I'd be broke from spending so much time in TJ.
Yup, I totally understand. There was a group of guys who we ran into at Adelitas on one visit, and they'd be crowded around a pair of adjoining booths with at least two girls on the tare each, and we had clearly seen them multiple times. After some introductions and another round of drinks, we found out they had been coming down to ZN at least once a week for years. Sometimes they'd hit Chicago (which was better back then), sometimes New York, Hong Kong, Cascadas, etc., but it was like a regular thing for them. The money they dropped just on bar fines alone was staggering when you thought about it. They'd take a girl upstairs maybe every few trips, and I think, honestly, this was their retirement activity for them. :) I was pretty impressed. All the girls knew them too.

I was always more of a street girl monger, but I will say that some of the best (i.e., most amazing) times were with the girls from Hong Kong and Adelitas. Truly knocked your socks off. I think that's why it's so hard for me to decide between these AMP's and TJ; I know what I can get down south, and there's no comparison in terms of cost for the act, but the trade-off is the time and distance.

Seriously, I think I'm fucked. :LOL: