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Mongering VS Buddying


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Messages: 46
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So I just sit back and think damn do I spend so much energy and money on mongering and I could be cuffing(not cuffing) h0es?

Then again I tried finding a buddy on POF, meetme app, tinder, ashley Madison, fb dating, etc. Lot of the time those I connect with bait and switch what they want. They say casual but then it's like they wanna be wooed and treated like wifey. Some want to be sugar babies. Feel like luck ran out with finding fuqable women who didn't come with a price.

My best all out experience is on review here. It was a AMP at a hotel and it was the best for the money. Probably stop trying to find a steady fwb and I will just look for likewise experiences.

Love to hear your thoughts or advice. Cliches and anecdotes are encouraged! Thanks fellow mongers!


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If you are just talking about getting women's attention using money, then mongering is probably going to be cheaper and easier. I have never used the SB sites so I don't know how well they work. There are some guys (probably 10%) that can attract women and it's easy for them. They have the right personalities, confidence, looks, etc. It just comes very easy to them. Then for 75%/80% of guys they have to really work at it but most do because they either don't know about or consider mongering an option. They deal with a lot of BS and make sacrifices to keep a woman happy. Then for the remaining 10% of guys, they really struggle with women. They just don't have the looks or social skills, confidence to be successful with most women. The thing I have noticed in life is that if something comes very easy/naturally to you, it is often very difficult to understand how it is hard for someone else.


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You're likely paying for it either way. I've occasionally used aps to meet women but it is so much easier to just go to an AMP.

Really just depends on if you have time to meet random women and if it works with the rest of your life.