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Lear Talent


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I won’t have a chance to post a review until later today, but just to help my brothas out, I gotta report that I TOFTT last night with Nikki St. James. OMFG...she’s gorgeous and as DTF as it gets. It’s also a very rare case of the photos not doing her justice, at all, because she looks much better in person. The photos are accurate as far as her face goes, but they make her look much thicker than she is in person. She’s definitely a bigger-framed girl than I normally consider my type, but as I told her, she’s so hot that she’s everybody’s “type.” Details to follow in my review, but she’s incredible and aside from not having any of the attitude that so many guys have complained about with some South American (she’s Argentinian) providers, she also one of the relatively rare girls who really is in the right business. I’m guessing that she enjoys what she does much more often than not. Her English isn’t fluent, but definitely good enough for a real conversation. I’m not posting any details here, but my other reviews should make very clear what I like and need and let’s just say that the experience was a 10 for me in every respect and I’ll be running back there ASAP. Her last day of work is next Wednesday and I’m pretty sure that after I post a full review, she’s going to be very hard to book. I almost want to pick and confirm my next appointment before I post it, for that reason. Please don’t message me for any details...just check my other reviews and know that she was a 10/10 for me. You’re welcome.