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Is there a name for this position?


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I was at a local spa in Matawan near a River some 2 years ago and was having wrapped CG and the condom issue kicked in. The provider ripped off the condom and remounted me P2P with out inserting. What she did with her tall slender bod was pump my balls & groin while simulating with her hand & oil that she was actually grinding me BB with each thrust of her little bod. I came like a racehorse in about 1 min of watching her "pull this off" . It took some skill on her part to keep that leverage as one hand was tied up with junior.

Is there a name for this position?


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I had one provider that liked when I would rub/thrust along her vagina. It was so nice and slippery good fun. Kind of like rubbing a hot dog inside a hot dog bun. When I would come I would push a bit forward so it would land on her stomach. We both had to control ourselves because penetration was so tempting for both of us as my penis would slide up and down inside the "bun."


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I used to do that with my GF in HS when she was not ready for penetration. She would mount me and rub her pussy up and down my fully erect guy. It felt great and she also got direct clit stimulation from it. She also liked asscrack work as well and I would rub jr up and down her asscrack. Felt just as good.


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Had this once with a provider when the horse was indeed dead she pulled wrapper off and I thought she was going for bb. Amazing feeling and I exploded all over her. Very hard to find though I’ve never experienced it again


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This was my experience on Monday. It’s great! It’s hard to control though. Tip slid in a few times. I lost sensation with the rubber, so she bought me right back up. It’s a bit risky so I would use caution.


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Guess what fellas u might as well stick it in. You aren't saving yourself from anything rubbing your cock between her pussy lips and the outside of her ham hole. Especially if u were in it for a while just a moment ago. Do we believe that there is an imaginary boundry right at the top of her gaping maw that prevents STDs? .

Was w a Russian/ Asian broad that used to suck your ears and lightly around your neck while reaching behind her to jerk u off and make u come over her ass and back. It was perfect simulation.

The one listed in the thread sounds like bb dry hump+lube