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Indy Katie


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Responded to your PM and commented on the reviews I could find. She’s a 10/10
It's a different phone number on the EM ad and the STG ad. The EM ad may be older though. Maybe Katie got another number. I do want to see her though for a change of pace from the AMP's.


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Well didn't I get burned last night. After exchanging texts in the morning and again in the afternoon, I drove to a motel on Rt 30 and was ghosted. The text I sent in the morning told her I was free at 7 PM and wanted to see her. I told her I wasn't into Greek or RJs but hoped DATY and DFK were on the menu if we got together. She hit me back saying "sounds good to me, see you at 7". Later on she told me the motel and said she would give me room number after she checked in shortly before 7. I got there at 6:45 and texted her to say I had arrived and she replied with a snippy "it's not 7 yet". I said no worries I wasn't in a rush. Never heard another word and when I called her at 7:15 the recording said the line was no longer in service!! She ghosted me and 20 minutes later she had her line taken out of service. Tried other numbers she listed on Erotic Monkey and SKG. They were taken out of service as well. Looks like our Katie is in the wind. She was away for 2 weeks and maybe she was planning to move her operation somewhere else. Very shocked by this as a few guys said how reliable and sweet she was.