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  • You asked and we delivered! AMPReviews now provides the option to upgrade to VIP access via paid subscription as an alternative to writing your own reviews. VIP Access allows you to read all the hidden content within member-submitted reviews AND gives access to private VIP-only forums in each city. You can upgrade your account INSTANTLY by visiting the Account Upgrades page in your own user profile and using a valid credit card to purchase a subscription. You can get to this page by clicking the link in any review, by clicking the red "See the Details Now" banner on the home page, and by clicking the Purchase Private Details link in the navbar at the top of every page


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This is the very last time we will mention this because we are getting bombarded all day, every day with PMs about why your review was rejected, and having to explain it repeatedly because you failed to read the rules of the board, and the (very simple) mechanisms for review approval. WE WILL NOT ANSWER ANY MORE QUESTIONS, SO DON'T ASK!

If you open up the original review that you wrote, the reason why it was rejected will be stated there on the top left. Furthermore, refer to these two threads:
  1. To clarify, if your review is older than 30 days from the date of the session, it will be rejected.
  2. If you tried to review the same provider within the last 90 days since you last reviewed them, they will be rejected.
  3. If you are missing valid contact details/spa/establishment/agency name, they will be rejected.
  4. If you failed to include ANY detail (we're not talking about explicit things necessarily), it will be rejected.
  5. If you put something like "she's been reviewed many times so not going to bother" or "I went here, she is awesome, bye" type of "review", it will be rejected.
  6. If you tried to edit your review after submitting it, it'll wipe out the private details section (technical glitch of the board), and it'll be rejected for missing private details.
  7. If you accidentally hit submit more than once, the duplicates will be rejected, though the original will be approved, if it meets the requirements.
And for the last time, whenever a review is rejected, an auto-generated private message will be sent to the member, but it will NOT state a specific reason, other than just a period. Again, that is AUTO GENERATED and we have no control over it. But if you open your original review (assuming it wasn't yet deleted by one of us), it will state the reason.

Read this post repeatedly, and commit it to memory. Or at least refer to it constantly:

When you set out to write a review, ask yourself whether a total noob to the site has all the information he needs in that ONE REVIEW to deduce whether to see the provider you reviewed or not. The goal of reviews is to be helpful to your fellow members, with the added benefit of getting private details access, and not the other way around.
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